Dream Team

A brand new purpose with (more than) 100 years of experience

Helena Suarez Margarido

Managing Partner

Lawyer (PUC-SP), LLM (U. of Illinois / UCP Lisboa). Specialized in Legal Structuring & Fintech – over 15 years of experience in big fours, banks, law firms & PE funds.

Carla Catharino

M&A and Corporate Matters

Lawyer (USJT), LLM (Insper). Specialized in legal M&A and Coporate Matters - over 13 years of experience in multinacionais and publicly traded companies. 

Diogo Bellan

Contracts & Labor

Lawyer (USP). Post degree in Contracts and Labor Law (USP) – over 10 years of experience in law firms, multinationals and banks. 

Flavio Fantucci

Tax & Regulatory

Lawyer (UNAERP), post degree in Tax and Regulatory Matters (FGV-SP) – over 10 years of experience in big fours and law firms.

Margareth Bierwagen

Litigation & IP

Lawyer (USP), MBA (FGV-SP) and several post degrees. Specialized in Strategic (Pre) Litigation and IP – over 20 years of leadership experience in multinationals and banks.

Antonio Margarido

Social & Pro Bono

Lawyer (USP), PhD (USP). Specialized in Social Impact Causes and Public Law – over 13 years of experience as a lawyer for private and public initiatives, consultant and coauthor of several approved laws.