SuM is the first law firm created for the New Economy.





Saying what will be done and doing it as it’s said.


On intentions and acts, in every occasion, as our modest contribution to reduce information asymmetry.

Systemic approach

Understanding that the legal science and specialized areas are imprecise, lacking other sources.


Rely on our expertise and be true to our beliefs, not being afraid to dare and to be bold.


Being honest, upright, reliable.

Erga Omnes

Applying the principles towards everything and everyone, as a way to be better professionals and help to improve our society.




Healthtech & Lawtech

Healthtech & Lawtech

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

E-Commerce & Marketplace

E-Commerce & Marketplace



Investments (Family & Friends, Seed, VC and PE)

Investments (Family & Friends, Seed, VC and PE)

Shared Economy

Shared Economy

Disruptive models

Disruptive models


Our expertise
(aka ‘What we love to do’)

Structured legal projects and oriented legal support: we put together legal areas and project management to deliver fully analyzed and implemented legal solutions.

Our disruption

01. Legal Projects

Wide-scope work is held by using project managements tools and principles: a leader os the focal point and every task, deadline and workflow is made public and real-time accessible to our clients.

02. User Experience

SuM Law goes far beyond being a modern and hype version of a traditional law firm: we develop and deliver legal solutions. Fixed price & scope are our specialty, so no surprises are expected at the end of each job.

03.  Four Eyes Review

All the work delivered is reviewed by a partner that is not in the project, as a way to guarantee an unbiased second opinion.

04. LawTech

We license and develop exclusive software solutions: real time project management, automation systems, data catcher and AI.


Our fuel

We believe in the better tomorrow that companies arising from IT revolution are committed to. As the only way of predicting the future is by creating it, SuM.law is our contribution for enabling the (legal) (r)evolution to come. 



Helena Suarez Margarido

Managing Partner

Lawyer (PUC-SP), LLM (U. of Illinois / UCP Lisboa). Specialized in Legal Structuring & Fintech – over 15 years of experience in big fours, banks, law firms & PE funds.

Bruno Pinho


Lawyer (PUC-SP), with post degree in Public Law and graduated in philosophy (FFLCH-USP) . Specialized in litigation, has worked for over 06 years as legal assistant for Justices in the Sao Paulo Court of Appeals (TJSP).

Diogo Bellan

Contracts & Labor

Lawyer (USP). Post degree in Contracts and Labor Law (USP) – over 12 years of experience in law firms, multinationals and banks. 

Flavio Fantucci

Tax & Regulatory

Lawyer (UNAERP), post degree in Tax and Regulatory Matters (FGV-SP) – over 12 years of experience in big fours and law firms.


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